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Join an Elite Group of CEOs and Their Sales Teams


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Source: Dan Prosser

A  proven promise-based management system, SaaS-AI management technology, and a business  model for generating

Guaranteed INC. 5000-Level revenue growth 

Here's what's not only possible but guaranteed, when you move to our Revolutionary - not available anywhere else - Promise-Based Management system:


  1. A Complete Upgrade To Your Team Accountability: Your team will take ownership of what’s now ‘THEIR STRATEGY’ because they designed it. We guarantee that.

  2. A Complete Turnaround In Performance: Promise-Based Management enables your sales team to transform into a high-performing, sales-results-driven force to be reckoned with and discover how to differentiate themselves in the process, and to eliminate the competition. That’s the really fun part and we absolutely guarantee that.

  3. Client Trust and Satisfaction: With fully accountable team members, clients will experience reliability and consistency. We guarantee that.

  4. Adaptive Problem Solving: With Promise-Based Management and the Accountability Scorecard®, your sales professionals will use the ‘feedback system’ in the scorecard to consistently adapt, as a team, We guarantee that.

  5. Collaborative, Co-Creative, and Cooperative Teamwork: Centered around team promises to collaboratively take bold action as a team, the Accountability Scorecard® fosters stronger teamwork, aligning the entire sales force toward shared goals that you've been looking for since you emerged from startup and turned sales over to a team you hoped would match your drive and commitment. Not to be too redundant but we guarantee this too.


Promise-Based Management opens the door to authentic accountability not a hierarchical reporting structure in the organization but real honest-to-goodness bold action, turning any sales team into a powerhouse of results-driven professionals who consistently exceed their strategy. We absolutely guarantee this.


Our clients achieve INC. 5000-Level revenue growth. 


Want to know how we do it and how we can guarantee it?

Welcome to 'INC. 5000 Growth', I'm very pleased you're
considering our INC. 5000 Revenue Growth program. My team and I look forward to providing you with everything you need, to generate INC. 5000-Level Revenue Growth. In the next 12 months.

Client Case Studies

Based On The International
Best Selling Book

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Dan Prosser, Author

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"Dan put it well when he said, 'Most businesses today struggle with an impending future that is being given to them by their failures or disappointments of the past. This causes leaders to shift their attention and focus on the wrong things – mainly avoiding failure. It is this limited thinking that disconnects their organization from them as leaders, from the future, unlimited possibilities and ultimately from their employee base.' Dan’s radically disruptive approach to 'breaking the status quo bias' is spot on because it takes radically different thinking to generate radically different results.”                           - Kevin Harrington, Original Shark on Shark Tank (ABC TV)

Kevin Harrington


My Upcoming Book:
'Break the Entrepreneur Habit of Low Net Worth'
Publish date: Tuesday September 19, 2023
You Can Get an Early Pre-Release Copy of MoneyTree

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On Its Way This Fall
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Your business is a function of the conversations you engage in and allow. Your speaking has the ultimate power to make things BE the way you say they’re going to be. Creating an awareness of conversations is one of the biggest challenges in your life and your business. At the end of the day, everything comes down to a conversation...

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Nick and Bill had an outrageous plan to compete for the chance to split $3,600, and they actually had the courage to declare the outcome of the event many weeks before it would take place. How overconfident is that?

What Nick and Bill did that day was to put a stake in the ground and declare a future—a conversation they put into their team’s name...


Vision is probably the least understood term in business. Most people, I have found, don’t understand what a vision statement is versus a mission statement...

ABOUT The 'INC. 5000 Growth' Team

Faster Growth Strategies, LLC. (dba INC. 5000 Growth), developed the first version of our proprietary 'Promise-Based Management' strategy execution system in 2003, and then added our SaaS online Accountability Scorecard® in 2009 as a technological revenue-growth breakthrough, designed to support our clients and their (sales) teams with strategic and practical mentoring and technology. Our objective was and still is to lead clients in generating INC. 5000-level revenue growth in 12 months. This approach and system has definitely fulfilled on its mission.  


We understand the challenges faced by sales teams in a competitive market, because for 48+ years we've been building 4 of our own businesses (we sold 3).

Our strategy and execution management system, which is unavailable ANYWHERE else, sets us apart and gives our client's a significant competitive advantage.


By adopting our breakthrough strategy execution management system, sales teams gain the tools, expertise, and confidence to build a collaborative, proprietary solution, attract high-value clients, reduce and/or even eliminate turnover, and selling at the price that reflects your true worth.


Our primary mission is to revolutionize the practice of strategy execution management as well as provide an unprecedented framework for individual and team performance for our clients. 

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This Is How
You Build An INC. 5000-Level
Revenue Growth Company

Promisez™ is our game-changing, dual-component strategy execution management system designed to foster high-performance teams to be capable of achieving
INC. 5000-Level revenue growth.”

Because we know how powerful and effective Promisez
is, we can
that you will have any result you determine you want

How We Make That Happen
The Promisez Framework



The first component of the Promisez™ system establishes the principles and practices of Promise-Based Management. It involves collaboratively setting expectations for teams to take action and produce seemingly-impossible outcomes (goals). The outcome is declared and committed to by the team in alignment with management, fostering cooperative efforts toward its achievement.


The Promise-Based Management practices facilitate a strategic realignment, transferring full accountability for revenue growth directly to team members. This transformation is achieved through a managerial paradigm shift that cultivates a high-performance relational value system, reshaping the workplace culture.


Promise-Based Management establishes a crucial connection between the responsibilities of management and the execution role of the team within the overarching execution strategy.


Management's endorsement of the strategy initiates a 'request for action' from each team member and the team. Team members deeply engaged in formulating strategic objectives affirm their alignment and their commitment to realizing 'our strategy.' Assuming ownership as a team, individuals proactively make explicit promises to 'promise requesters' (the other team members and managers), pledging to undertake precise actions within agreed-upon timelines (tracked weekly or monthly).". In that way managers stop managing employees and start managing promises by employees to take action and the actions they've taken.

Ask us - we'll show you exactly why this is the most powerful management system you've likely 'never' heard of.


You won't find this in any books or anywhere. (Except THIRTEENERS of course)


It not only changes bottom lines - it changes employee's futures.



The second critical cornerstone of the Promisez™ strategy execution management system involves introducing the 'Strategy Existence System' known as the Accountability Scorecard®. This intuitive online SaaS-AI solution deconstructs the overarching strategy into actionable components that, once executed, steer the attainment of the coveted strategic outcomes."

At its core, The Accountability Scorecard® revolves around overseeing the precise bold actions promised by team members. These actions are closely aligned with the optimal employee practices essential for achieving the goals they collectively established and wholeheartedly own.


This approach eliminates the ambiguity in expectations as team members have a spoken and written commitment to the actions to be taken to achieve “their” strategy.


This accountability system not only catalogs all commitments but also safeguards the continued existence of the strategy (versus where many strategies end up – in a drawer or on a shelf). This is a critical departure from conventional team performance management methods.


Individuals no longer operate in isolation; their actions are guided by their own commitments and their accountability to their peers – who now collectively steward the conversation around the promised actions of individuals on the team.


On a weekly or monthly basis (two system choices), the team convenes to 1) share individual promise fulfillment (compounded by peer pressure) and 2) input results into the system, producing a team-oriented progress measurement visible through an intuitive feedback mechanism (the system scorecard feature). Rinse and repeat weekly or monthly.


To answer the most obvious concern of management: any fudging of the numbers by members of the team is to be expected – everyone tries that – at first. But in the background of the system, the manager can read a report and compare each individual’s performance and the team member can see that report also. The reports facilitate employee / management reviews but are not used to manage weekly or monthly performance. Messing with the numbers doesn’t last long with the peer group in charge and dialoguing with each other about overall team performance. Imagine yourself having to report to a jury of your peers who are each individually impacted by the overall aggregated team scores displayed by the system - and your singular lack of performance is now understood as the lynch-pin in the execution of the strategy. We no longer manage individual salespeople– we turn it over to the team to manage promises made and promises kept. In other words, we end the ‘individual team member practice’ of everyone going off on their own to go get their quotas fulfilled (possibly cut a side deal for individual performance) and be praised by management or alternatively feel shamed by their feelings of “failure”.


The strategic significance of the scorecard component is unparalleled. By enabling management (who now manages promises, not individuals) and the team to observe performance gaps (anything less than 100%), it engenders a fresh conversation previously attempted through conventional and traditionally learned management practices. This authentic dialogue revolves around the ability to recalibrate the strategy at any time during the execution process to accommodate what has been learned since promises were last made - last week. When team members scrutinize the gap in performance for the period, they can then collaboratively inquire into the missing elements that, if they weren’t missing, they (your team) would yield a 100% in performance. This dialogue hinges on pinpointing the missing aspects – a pivotal dialogue versus just reporting in. Additionally, it provides an avenue to pinpoint areas of individual struggle, enabling more seasoned team members, or those who have successfully navigated their own challenges, to offer their assistance – so the team as a whole benefits.


This is the blueprint for constructing an enterprise capable of achieving INC. 5000-level revenue growth – a GUARANTEED transformation.

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The Accountability Scorecard Feedback System Alters Sales Team Behavior and
Generates Flawlessly Executed Strategy

We Will Show You How You Can Do It Too






  1. Implement a new promise-based strategy execution management tool that's not in any business books or anywhere else.

  2. Uncover why your team isn't doubling or tripling your revenue - and remove it.

  3. Put a radical revenue growth strategy in place - and start doubling or tripling your revenue growth in 30-120 days.

  4. Benefit from innovation developed with clients who have achieved actual INC. 5000-level revenue growth and listed on the INC. 5000.

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